Monday, April 30, 2012

For anyone curious about where to begin when selecting a tree site here is our suggested tree list: (gathered from highly educated resources)

(Reminder this is just a suggested list for those who may want to plant a tree and don't know where to start- this is not all of the trees available in the area- just a starter list.)

We have been busy planting trees but we need your help to share our mission ! 
Please contact us today at

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mix a great success! Neighborhood Mixer great way to share the message!

 One of our supporters and fellow earth-lover, tree planter, and homeowner, Mr. Mix (that is his real name), hosted a neighborhood mixer for all this neighbors.  Wine and snacks and a great presentation got lots of his fellow homeowners interested in planting more trees around their neighborhood.  We had a tree identification outside, just before the wind got really bad - it was a lovely time.  

We would like to share our goals and plan with our suggested tree list and free services to assist homeowners, business owners, city and school grounds to select and plant proper trees - how can you help?? Call us today! (775) 235- Tree. 

Kyle Horvath - Carson City resident and current Chairperson of the Carson City Shade Tree Council.
Gianna Shirk - Carson City resident and current Vice Chairperson of the Carson City Shade Tree Council
Tom Henderson - Carson City resident, current owner Healthy Trees, certified Arborist, former member and Chairperson of the Carson City Shade Tree Council.

A special thank you to Susan - a NEW Carson City resident from California, fellow tree lover and mother to Gianna, she kept the food and wine flowing.
Thank you to our host - Mr. Mix!  Carson City is lucky to have you instead of Hawaii. 
Thank you also to Mike Weaver - Carson City High School Senior who also volunteered his time to take our photos for our event.  

We look forward to talking with you.  Thank you for your support!  10,000 trees in 5 years, April 2012 to April 2017!  
 If you plant a tree - may we suggest one of our supporters Greenhouse Garden Center in Carson City and Genoa Trees in Minden.   You can also purchase a gift certificate under our name "FRIENDS OF THE URBAN FOREST" - and they will hold the funds for us to use and offer wholesale discount prices - as these local business' continue to help us reach our goal, a big thank you to them!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We are...

The Friends of the Urban Forest of Carson City are part of a quantative tree planting going on across the country. Other cities are doing the same thing – by comparison – Las Vegas is doing a 2,000,000 Tree Planting initiative.  Our plan for Carson City is an educated goal of 10,000 in 5 years through long term planning and hard work by our volunteers.

We have a plan and a presentation to educate and inform our community about the process and how to help.  Now seeking organizations and private citizens for promotions, tree purchase rebates, and to participate in upcoming tree plating projects.  If you want tree advice on how to plant a tree, remove a tree, and be included in our 10,000 tree goal – please contact us today.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grove Success ! WNC has a four new Red Maple Trees!

WNCC Tree Planting November 22, 2011  Thank you to NDF and Susan Stead for the grant money, Genoa Trees for the trees and planting assistance, and  the amazing and wonderful staff from WNC for being such great participants. 

This is what it looked like before.....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

YOU ARE INVITED!! Tree Plating Event at Western Nevada College.

Friends of the Urban Forest
Western Nevada College

Invite You to Join Us
 For the planting of a grove of four trees as part of the Friends efforts to plant 10,000 trees in Carson City.
Date:   Tuesday, November 22
Time:  10 a.m.
Location: Lawn area west of the Dini Library (toward the CDC)

10,000 Tress in five years, just another great reason Carson City is such an amazing place to live!